App Your School

We are happy to announce that the new international project „App Your School” has started!

The project aims the testing and implementation of innovative methodologies and practices in the field of education,
in secondary schools of 8 European countries: Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Turkey.

Our main objective is to value media literacy of students, their competences developed out of schools, their engagement in active citizenship and to promote young creativity through the development of “Digital Ateliers”, with the use of participatory approaches based on the methodologies of two Italian activists Alberto Manzi and Bruno Munari and ICT, in order to better include ICT in the school curricula, with focus on digital creativity.

The project will be developed and Implemented innovative methods and practices in the field of media literacy among students aged 11-16 from schools from 8 European countries. However, we would like to reach to a larger number of teachers and schools, which is why we will prepare a proposal of manual for the program Which can be used by teachers in all the schools.

See scenarios of Digital Ateliers realized during the project

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