What is MIL/PEER?

MIL/PEER – Media and Information Literacy Platform for Exchanging Educational Resources – is a tool developed by Evens Foundation and Modern Poland Foundation to prepare, translate and publish educational resources. It allows organisations to collaboratively work on joint projects.

Our goal is to increase the number and quality of media literacy projects in Europe by encouraging international cooperation among media literacy organisations and supporting them in applying for European funds.

Before we started to work on MIL/PEER we consulted a number of European media literacy NGOs. They identified three areas where support is most needed: fundraising, international cooperation and tools for sharing educational materials. MIL/PEER provides an answer to all of them.

MIL/PEER is a free-licensed software and many of the published materials are also available under free licenses, which means you can use them, change and publish adapted versions free of charge.
The technology used to create the resources allows for easy conversion to custom HTML pages, PDF files, e-books, etc.

The next step of the project is a series of workshops during which interested organisations will have a chance to work together on application forms and discuss their ideas.

To find out more about MIL/PEER please email Modern Poland Foundation at milpeer[at]mdrn.pl.