The first part of our tutorials concentrating on video shooting advice for pupils, students and educators. Original language is Greek and there are subtitles in English. Watch here.



These video tutorials are created to support students and teachers in making their own productions. They were produced as supporting material on occasion of the student video contest "Videomuseums 2014", organised by KARPOS, and the "School-lab" competition of the British Council Greece, as a joint project. Based on their long experience on media workshops with school groups, the media educators of KARPOS, believed that a selection of tips, well scripted, structured and visually animated, are necessary and useful to raise the quality of media consciousness and making. We aimed to provide a simple and friendly presentation, both to teachers and students all around Greece, in their own language, as most tutorials available online are in English. Young people and adults in small towns of the periphery, often are not fluent in foreign languages. Even more, they cannot participate in hands-on workshops easily, so online videos are a way to overcome this lack of access. In addition, teachers who guide young groups need to have constant access to such reference material and we aimed at a style that can be viewed by mixed, trans-generational groups. Finally, such a public online material addresses all amateur people interested in the media language and media making. Adults of various occupations are currently pleased to understand better the literacy and use of the media tools.


The target group of the video is mainly students from 9 till 18 years old, teachers and anyone interested in using video as an amateur medium of expression. Any organised course of film club can benefit from the videos, as well as solitary beginners in media making. USE IN TIME The videos are created for serving the needs of anyone interested in using digital video now or in the future. We have also subtitled them in English and it will also be subtitled in Greek for people with hearing impairment. These are the first two episodes of a series which will be developed in the future.


The videos aim to: - teach in a direct and friendly way the basic concepts of media making - be watched by both adults and students as a tool to enhance group learning and discussion - give ideas for group projects - reach students from distant areas who have no access to hands-on workshops - become material for a flipping classroom environment The students/viewers should have learned: - how to make the best out of their equipment as far as image and sound are concerned - be familiarised with the basic but crucial technical issues of video equipment - realise the basics of film language Linear video is a perfect e-learning tool which allows viewing and learning at one's own pace. Additionally, public online videos are meant to be accessible to anybody disregarding age and geographical restrictions. The usability of these tutorials is enhanced by their structure in chapters, short duration and the visual elements. These were specifically designed to achieve the impact of a hand-on workshop for all ages.


Several teachers have used them to guide their students to produce video projects. Trainers also use them as introductory material for a digital videomaking workshop. While working in groups one can screen once the whole video and then again watch it and discuss details per chapter. Then one can offer the chance to try these tips in practice with a camcorder, tripod and mikes.