Association for Technology and Internet (ApTI) has published a series of online educational videos about privacy and data protection on the Internet. The videos were made initially in Romanian and now are translated into English. They are all available under CC BY 4.0. Here is the synopsis of the first four videos published by now:  

Hi! I am John. I work in a software company, I have a dog that does stupid stuff, a super-geeky girlfriend and I am online all the time. I've turned my digital experiences in a few videos, so find them below. Maybe you've been through similar stuff or maybe you just want to find out more about personal data or privacy.

This is how an ordinary day of my life looks like - posting on social networks, reading online news, sharing links with my friends, playing online and sometimes not even paying attention where I go - either on- or offline.

Did it ever happen to you to look up a product online and then get assaulted for a few days afterwards by commercials about that product or similar stuff? It did happen to me, but it also put me in an awkward situation. So I found out something about cookies the hard way... :(

Then - as if the "cookies accident" was not embarrassing enough - something else happen. With my girlfriend. I don't know how she used some browser extension, so she found out that I was hanging out with my friends instead of being home - like I told her. You could imagine it didn't turn out so well. The GPS was on. She knew it.

What she didn't know was that I also had some other "fun activities" with my buddies. Damn, that police siren scared the hell out of us...

See the all the videos above published in English as a playlist

To be continued