This short movie which you can find here:

This short movie displays in a metaphoric way what happens on the Internet, a place where everybody and everything can be found. A grocery store ("to Pantopoleion" in the Greek language) is used as a metaphor for our story, where all kinds of peculiar things are available! In this way, the movie highlights in a most entertaining way how important it is to safeguard our personal data, to be careful with online bargains not to be caught in online fraud, not to get in contact with inappropriate content for minors' age, to check the credibility of online information, and all in all, how important it is to be media literate and use our critical thinking. It also addresses the major issues of child pornography and pedophilia. The film was awarded "Best Short Film" at the London Greek Film Festival 2013. It also received the "Audience Favourite Prize" at the Medea Awards 2014, presented in Brussels in the framework of the Media & Learning Conference. The movie has been subtitled in all European languages by European Schoolnet, in its role as INSAFE European Awareness Centres & Helplines Network Coordinator, under EC's Safer Internet Programme.