Variety of audio files containing sounds that must be solved

The time for team building during a working day is strictly limited although teamwork is an important part of a job. Small methods can help to strengthen and support groups and to ease a school or training day.

Warm - up method for working towards further audio projects.


For downloading the complete material and information about Sound hunt as PDF file click here.


E X E R P T:

Duration: 1  – 2  school periods

Complexity: Low - threshold

Use of media: Audio


  • Getting an insight of working with audio
  • Team building
  • Easing the lessons
  • Collecting sounds for a audiobook developed later on
  • Approach to a work process about sounds

Ways of presentation: As a sound riddle on the school website

Extended possibilities:

  • The sounds can be collected and used for audiobooks or other creative audio elements.
  • They can be put as a riddle on the school’s homepage for example.

Demand: Enjoying dealing with acoustic s and technology.

Room: Classroom

Size of the group:

  • Groups of 4 
  • Total number of group members is dependent on the number of recording devices and smartphones (3 – 4 persons per group are suitable)


  • Recording devices (mobile phones are also possible ) including communication cables
  • speakers Software / web service
  • no software necessary in general
  • the individual sounds can be put together to a n audio clip with the program Audacity, if needed.

Example project: The method sound hunt serves the sensitization of one’s own environment in the first place. It can also be put online, of course: http://www.max - weishaupt -