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Media Centre Munich by JFF - Institute for media research and education



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#participation #city_planning #digital_workshops

Main topic/Theme

Digital workshops for participiation of young people in city planning processes

Media Literacy Competencies

Participation of young people in a planning process for new city quarters

Create ideas and commicate them to different stake holders using a variety of digital media tools and applications

Discuss different planning approaches and demands

General Pedagogic Objectives

Encourage young people to participate in urban planning, fostering civic awareness

Participants – age


Participants – number


Participants – entry competencies/skills

Various; entry competencies were not a condition for participating

Methods/Type of activi

Creative and active media works; group work;


The city of Munich is growing and to meet its growing demand of housing space, it has initiated a process of city development in its north-eastern part (Nord-Ost). The project PLAN NORD OST by JFF that was supported by the planning department of the city of Munich involved young people starting from the age of 14 into the process. They were encouraged to get informed, get involved in critical discussions on the planning process, develop own ideas and present them to other stakeholders, city planners and local politicians.

Digital media workshops, an exhibition of their results, a youth congress and scientific evaluation were the central elements of the participation project. The following key aspects of participation in the planning processes were promoted by the project:

  1. NFORMATION (get informed on the planning process, share and discuss infor-mation with peers)
  2. DEVOLPMENT OF IDEAS (using creative tools, working in groups, discussing different options and creating solutions)
  3. PROMOTION OF IDEAS AND CLAIMS TO OTHER STAKEHOLDERS (using media to present young people’s perspectives, ideas and claims)
  4. HOLD DISCOURSE (getting involved in discussions on controversial issues)

Digital technology provided the tools for working and discussing in groups as well as spreading the results of the reflection and creation processes. Different workshop and presentation formats were developed and put into practice:

  1. AUDIOGUIDE WORKSHOP: At the same place where there once will be a new part of the city of Munich, you can now walk over open fields. One group of participants created an audioguide for their ideas of the new quarters in the year 2050. Audio production enables to envision aspects of technology and community in future. They were supported by media educators, young radio journalists and architects.
  2. RESEARCH WORKSHOP: The participating adolescents identified relevant discussion topics and developed online surveys that were spread via social media among young people in the quarter. For presenting the results of their research, they created infographics. They were supported by researchers, city planners and graphic designers.
  3. MINECRAFT WORKSHOP: The ground plot of the over 850 football fields large planning area was imported as a Minecraft map where young people could create their own buildings and housing complexes to illustrate their ideas and requirements of the new quarters being developed. They were supported by media educators and landscape ar-chitects.
  4. DISCOURSE WORKSHOP: In a low-threshold attempt, temporary open spots for information and discussion were created in public spaces highly frequented by young people. Usually this was their first contact to the planning project. In a talkbox they could ask questions, comment the development and express ideas, wishes, and concerns regarding the development of the new urban quarters. These comments were video recorded. Media educators and youth radio journalists supported them.
  5. EXHIBITION: The creations (audioguide, research results and infographics, Minecraft building complexes, comments … ) were exhibited in the central discussion space of the planning project for one week and presented to interested public. The results are also published online (
  6. YOUTH CONGRESS: The results of their reflections and creative actions were presented by the partici-pants of PLAN NORD OST at a youth congress that was also attended by city planners, local politicians and the interested public. This was an intensive oppor-tunity to get first-hand information about the planning and political processes, propose own ideas and present requirements and to get involved into discussions. One young participant of the PLAN NORD OST workshops also took part in another public discussion with other stakeholders.
  7. SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION: The research department of JFF accompanied the digital media workshops and investigated the core topics, ideas and concerns of the participating young people and their media products.


Various; for further detail see


The research department of JFF accompanied the digital media workshops and investigated the core topics, ideas and concerns of the participating young people and their media products.

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