Audience: 12-18, teachers

The PLURAL+ Video Festival is an empowering tool for young people to speak out about what they think of migration, diversity and social inclusion, using their own views and voices. The PLURAL+ Video Festival gives youth a platform to say what they think and to make themselves heard by people from all over the world.

Discussion Guides in english:

PLURAL + is a youth video festival focusing on the themes of mmigration, diversity and social inclusion, organized by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) with the support of many international partners

Recognizing youth as powerful agents of social change in a world too often characterized by intolerance and division,PLURAL+ invites young people to express their views and creativity in short videos. Since 2009 PLURAL + has received over 900 entries from 120 countries around the world. There are three age categories for submission of videos—ages 8P 12, 13P17 and 18P25.

More than a festival, PLURAL + is a distribution platform of socially conscious youth produced media.Viewers of these awardPwinning videos are encouraged to share them widely and present them throughout the year in multiple venues and platforms, from web and television broadcasts to special screenings at conferences and festivals.

They offer fertile opportunities to share ideas about complex international realities while generating awareness of and inspiration from youth whose lives demand resilience and resourcefulness in the face of struggle.

Through the generosity of the Open Society Foundations, PLURAL + has developed discussion guides to accompany some of the awardPwinning videos. The discussion guides in this booklet may be used in both formal school settings and informal learning environments to engage viewers in the significant issues the videos raise.

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