Associação Educativa Nacional de Inclusão e Inovação nas Escolas-AENIE

Description:The purposes of the association AENIE are: - to assure and contribute, by all means, that parents, tutors, teachers and staff can fully accomplish their mission as responsible elements for education; - to contribute for the balanced personality and educational development of each student; - to establish a teaching policy under the values of respect, equality and civic values of all students; - to promote an inclusive and innovative school as far as pedagogical terms are concerned using the ICT Technologies; - to help all students and parents/children’s tutors with economic problems; - to support teachers with new strategies of teaching so they can improve their pedagogical methods through internal and external formation; - to support schools as far as new pedagogical practices are concerned; - to promote and support European Clubs in the Schools; - to promote volunteering in schools: - to combat the early school leaving; - to promote student mobility; - to promote internships for students in a work context; - to promote new work skills of students; - to develop students exchange projects. To accomplish all that the AENIE association must: - struggle for the students, parents, staff and tutors’ fair and legitimate rights and interests as far as school, education and culture are concerned; - establish the necessary dialogue in order to promote understanding and cooperation amongst all parts involved in the projects; - promote and cooperate in different actions in school, mainly by implementing new pedagogical practices; - develop external partnerships for mobility of students in the employment context; - promote and develop connections and partnerships with other similar associations or with their representative structures aiming the achievement of their goals/interests enclosed to the Education Ministry. The organization's staff has experience to implement projects on local and international level, work with young people with special needs , use non-formal education methodology, support youth mobility, innovation and entrepreneurship and so on.
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