Media Education Centre

Description:The Media Education Centre (MEC) for children, youth and adults is a nonpolitical, nonprofit, nonsectarian NGO. People from different socio cultural backgrounds work together to produce film, animation, television and other media to advance Communication, Social Change, Intercultural Dialogue, Social Inclusion and Voluntarism. Their work promotes the informal and non-formal education of children, young adults, disabled people, migrants, refugees and people from other vulnerable groups. Media, Information and Peace education and literacy support our effort to promote Peace in the Region and to ensure human and children’s rights, especially to information, democracy, self-expression and preservation of cultural, national and religious diversity. • Works with various organizations to organize professional meetings, symposia and Summits on media literacy and education, multimedia for children and youth, the development of civil society; cultural, national and religious diversity; human and children’s rights; intercultural dialogue and social inclusion of marginalized groups of people such as Roma people, migrants and refugees, people with handicap, small ethnic groups, young people with less opportunity. • Collects, investigates and works on producing scientific and professional literature in the field • Participates in activities that promote media education and literacy for children and youth as a tool to facilitate social change, peacemaking, reconciliation of the relationship and the development of civil society and democracy, especially in the Balkans. • Participates on informal, nonprofit education of children and youth to enable them to learn how to use ICT and digital media technologies with the aim of preserving cultural, national and religious differences, protecting cultural and historical inheritance and ensuring access to media information and active participation in producing MEDIA for children and youth; • Cooperates with professional associations and other organizations from Serbia and abroad that are working to establish the basic conditions necessary for the diffusion of media literacy, media education, television programming, and audio video communications and media projects for children and young people all over the world.
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