European Children's Film Association

Description:ECFA is an association for professionals and organisations that operate within the fields of quality films for children and youth. It aims at securing children’s access to the best possible film culture and to increase an awareness of the need for good media politics in the different countries in Europe. ecfa will coordinate any initiative taken in favour of cinema for children and youth, as far as production, distribution, exhibition, cultural action, media education and training of professionals are concerned. Through initiatives such as networking, seminars and ex- change of European audiovisual programmes we will strengthen the link between the different fields of operations within children’s films. To strengthen the high quality film culture for children and young people from the beginning of the films’ production until they reach the eye of the young audience, ecfa can offer you: • An extensive database of European films, festivals and contacts • A network for professionals working within children’s films • Specialised seminars and workshops • Distributors group for children’s films • A quarterly newsletter ecfa was founded in 1988, and has 50 members from 20 European countries. Membership fee is 200 Euro per year. Please find more information on our website.
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