European School Radio

Description:European School Radio, is a web-radio with audio productions from hundreds of school radio groups all over Greece and some from Europe. Thousands of pupils produce a full scheduled weekly radio programme, in a variety of shows, spots. Radio groups have their own presence and profile with a plethora of media type involved, such as pictures, videos, text etc about there activities and their show. All these cooexist on a special made platform ( which also comprises the ESR Community component so that all communication with each other take place. Many radio groups from different schools produce joint audio shows, schedule in the programme and promote within our social media ( and in Facebook/Twitter etc. All the above are offered in various european languages (mainly greek, english, french).
Main projects and publications:
for the 5th consequent year, a web radio for schools. (Running)
National Radio Festivals of School Radio with thousands of students participating (Two)
for best radio audio spot for School Radio groups, pupils (Competition)
Title Owner Stage Assigned to Deadline
European School Radio, The first student radio European School Radio Draft