Modern Poland Foundation

Description:In the times of digital media, freedom of speech and freedom of communication need special support and protection. We believe that only free culture is worth our effort. Users’ rights are the foundation of democracy and the public domain should be a rule to which information monopolies are an exception. Freedom of communication is only possible when citizens use free tools to control the flow of information, have media and information competences and have access to free knowledge. Therefore we build open educational resources, develop free digitalization technologies and effectively influence public policies in the field of exclusive rights.
Main projects and publications:
MIL educational resources (Polish)
"Catalogue of Media, Information and Digital Competencies” – a comprehensive programme of media education for children, young people and adults. (Polish)
Internet library (Polish)
International conference on copyright (English)
Copyright course (Polish)
Title Owner Stage Assigned to Deadline
Cyfrowy świat mediów i jego analogowy przodek Modern Poland Foundation Draft
Animacja - robimy film rysunkowy Modern Poland Foundation Draft
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